Mid 1968 - June 1970

Band Members

Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Eddie Hoh
Jon Corneal, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon

The International Submarine Band album recorded by Gram Parsons & John Neuse "Safe At Home" had been released in early 1968 but sales had been poor and the band soon broke up.

The Byrds

Kevin Kelley, Gram Parsons, Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman

In early 1968 Gram accepted an offer to join the Byrds and along with Chris Hillman, who had a country / bluegrass background prior to the Byrds, they persuaded Roger McGuinn into taking the band down a country music sounding route for upcoming sessions for their next album.
These sessions, both in L.A. & Nashville, culminated in the "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" album although the released version had been changed before release to remove most of Gram's vocals because of legal objections from the LHI label. The replaced tracks remained unreleased in Columbia's vaults until the 1990's when they finally saw the light of day on the "Byrds Boxset" (1991) and the 1997 expanded CD re-issue of "Sweetheart Of the Rodeo". Further outtakes and rehearsal recordings from the album sessions emerged in 2003 with another reissue, the Legacy Edition of the Sweetheart Of the Rodeo album this time as a 2 CD set which also included seven previously released International Submarine Band tracks.
The Flying Burrito Brothers

back: Gram Parsons & Chris Ethridge
front: Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Chris Hillman

Gram remained with the band until July 1968 having toured in the US and played several shows in Europe, particularly in London & Rome.
The band were due to tour South Africa following a visit to London but Gram refused because of the Apartheid policy in South Africa, and Gram returned to the US. Soon after the Byrds returned from the disastrous tour of South Africa, Chris Hillman also decided the time was right to leave the band and immediately hooked up again with Gram and started a productive song-writing period in a rented house which they called "Burrito Manor".

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Hillman / Parsons / Kleinow / Ethridge / Clarke

By this time the original (Barry Tashian group) Flying Burrito Brothers had returned to the east coast so Gram & Chris started using the name after recruiting pedal steel player Sneaky Pete Kleinow and bassist Chris Ethridge, who Gram had used on the LHI album. For a short period two groups of Flying Burrito Brothers were active on opposite coasts of the US but following the California based group signing with the A & M label the Barry Tashian lead line-up called it a day leaving the Parsons - Hillman with the band name.

In 1968 the band set about recording their first record with Eddie Hoh on drums, who only played on a few songs before quitting with his record company advance, session drummers Sam Goldstein & Popeye Phillips played on few tracks before Jon Corneal took over the drum stool to complete the recordings. However with the sessions over and with the band gigging locally, Jon Corneal soon left the band swapping the drum seat with another ex Byrd Michael Clarke from the Dillard & Clark Expedition.

The band's first album "The Gilded Palace Of Sin" was released by A & M in March 1969 with songs written mainly by Hillman & Parsons who came up with some real gems "Sin City", "Devil In Disguise'" (aka "Christine's Tune"), "Wheels" and "My Uncle" and Gram returned to his International Submarine Band days with a new reading of "Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome", although two of the strongest cuts, " # 1 & 2" were Ethridge and Parsons collaborations. A couple of R & B classics "Do Right Woman" & "Dark End Of the Street" were the only non original songs with ex Byrd David Crosby singing uncredited harmony vocals on the former song.

Gilded Palace Of Sin THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - The Gilded Palace Of Sin
Original releases: A & M SP 4175 (US) / A & M AMLS 931 (UK) / A & M 86139 (HOLLAND) (1969)
Reissues: A & M SP 3122 (US ) 1986 / A & M 394175 (HOLLAND - CD)

Produced by The Burritos, Larry Marks & Henry Lewy
Band: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Guests: Jon Corneal, Eddie Hoh, Sam Goldstein & Popeye Phillips

Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise) / Sin City / Do Right Woman / Dark End Of The Street / My Uncle
Wheels / Juanita / Hot Burrito # 1 / Hot Burrito # 2 / Do You Know How it Feels To Be Lonesome / Hippie Boy

To promote it the infamous "Train Tour" was set up to travel to shows throughout the US, but to no avail because despite good reviews the album sold poorly.

Only one single was released during this period and the "A" side "The Train Song" was recorded after the album sessions backed with "Hot Burrito No. 1" from the album. The producer of the "The Train Song" was Larry Williams, aided by Johnny "Guitar" Watson, and Clarence White was helping out on guitar. Although Chris Hillman has since commented that the song was weak and not deserving of a single release, he did during his "Souther, Hillman & Furay" days reuse the melody adding new lyrics in the song "Safe At Home".

THE TRAIN SONG / HOT BURRITO # 1 (A & M 1067 - 1969)
"The Train Song" produced by Johnny "Guitar" Watson & Larry Williamson
Musicians: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke
Guest: Clarence White on guitar

Byrds / Burritos

"Boston Tea Party" - 23rd February 1969
John York / Clarence White / Gram Parsons / Gene Parsons
Chris Hillman / Chris Ethridge / Roger McGuinn / Sneaky Pete Kleinow

Note: The compilers of the "Hot Burritos - Anthology" 2 CD set released in 2000 have stated that there is still some material from these early recording sessions still in the vaults, certainly there are a couple of copyrighted Parsons - Hillman songs "Two Hearts" & "Last Date" from this period and the Bob Dylan song "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" was also supposedly recorded around this time but the tape is reported as f, but Chris Hillman chose to re-cut this song later in his career for his "Morning Sky" album in 1982.

In February 1969 the Flying Burrito Brothers were featured on the same program with The Byrds at the Boston Tea Party (Feb. 20-23). On the closing night of the gig the Byrds stood on the stage for an hour and a half with most of the Burritos and they did every song they could think of.

The band continued playing local shows along the west coast with the most popular venues in LA being the "Troubadour" and the "Palomino" where Clarence White occasionally sat in when not touring with the Byrds.
Several tapes from this period circulate which show the band's influences from the Country, R & B and Rock idioms. The band played 3 nights, April 4 - 6th 1969, at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco opening for the Grateful Deadwith the set from April 6thbeing broadcast on FM radio and susequently bootlegged. Another notable show was from a few weeks later at the Palomino in L.A. with Clarence Whiteguesting.
In November 2007 the San Francisco based label Amoeba Records released a double CD set, "The Gram Parsons Archives Vol. 1",with the first disc featuring the previously unreleased set from the April 4th Avalon showwiththe bonus ofa couple of Gram Parsons demos from 1967 / 69. The second disc was thefirst official release on the previously bootlegged April 6th show.
The superb audio qualityrecordings of the Avalon shows were sourced from the Grateful Dead tape vaults and were recorded by the Grateful Dead's sound engineer Bear (Owsley Stanley).

The Gram Parsons Archives, Vol. 1 THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - The Gram Parsons Archives Vol. 1
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: The Gram Parsons Archives Vol. 1 - "Live at the Avalon Ballroom 1969"
Amoeba / Fontana AMO 002 (2007)

Band: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Michael Clarke.

CD # 1 - Avalon, April 4th 1969:
Close Up The Honky Tonks / Dark End Of The Street / Medley: Undo The Right & Somebody's Back In Town / She Once Lived Here
We've Gotta Get Ouselves Together / Lucille / Hot Burrito #1 / Hot Burrito # 2 / Long Black Limousine / Sweet Mental Revenge / Sin City
Bonus Tracks:
Recorded by Jimmy Seiter: Thousand Dollar Wedding (1969 demo)
Gram Parsons and Friends: When Will I Be Loved (1967 Demo)

CD # 2 - Avalon, April 4th 1969:
Medley: Undo The Right & Somebody's Back In Town / She Once Lived Here / Sweet Mental Revenge / We've Gotta Get Ourselves Together
Lucille / Sin City / You Win Again / Hot Burrito # 1 / Hot Burrito # 2 / You're Still On My Mind / The Train Song
Long Black Limousine / Dream Baby / Do Right Woman

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Kleinow / Clarke / Parsons / Leadon / Hillman

In late July 1969 after they appeared at the Seattle Pop Festival, Chris Ethridge leaves the band to return to session work and is replaced quickly by on guitar by Bernie Leadon , late of the Folk / Country band "Hearts & Flowers", with Chris Hillman reverting to bass. Bernie had played with Chris a few years earlier as a latter-day member of the "Scottsville Squirrel Barkers".

The new line up eventually entered the studios with Jim Dickson producing to record what was to become their second album "Burrito Deluxe", but it was obvious that they didn't have sufficient self written material for a complete album. A couple of songs "High Fashion Queen", a left -over from the "Burrito Manor" days, and "Lazy Day" was even older being the International Submarine Band song rejected for "The Trip" movie. Gram had also recorded "Lazy Day" during his short period with the Byrds but was left unreleased until 1991 when it was included on the Byrds Boxset release. Bernie Leadon also makes his first contribution to the band with his song "God's Own Singer" and a couple of co-writes with Gram & Chris, "Older Guys" & "Man In The Fog". Bob Dylan was again represented with a furious run through of "If You Gotta Go Now" with country standards "The Image Of Me" and an arrangement of the gospel staple "Farther Along" making up the album.
However, the real highlight of the album "Wild Horses" emanates from Gram's friendship with the Rolling Stones, notably Keith Richard, dating back to his time in London in 1968 whilst with the Byrds, giving the band the opportunity to record this as yet unreleased Jagger & Richard song . The noted L.A. session musician Leon Russell contributes a fine piano solo to this song.

Burrito DeLuxe THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Burrito Deluxe
Original releases: A & M SD 4258 (US) / A & M AMLS 64295 (UK) / A & M 85559 (HOLLAND)
CD Reissues: A & M D32Y 3568 / POLYDOR POCM 2030 (JAPAN CD) / MOBILE FIDELITY MFCD772 (US CD )

Produced by Jim Dickson & Henry Lewy
Band: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon
Guests: Leon Russell, Byron Berline, Leopoldo C. Carbajal, Frank Blanco, Tommy Johnson, Buddy Childers

Lazy Days / The Image Of Me / High Fashion Queen / If You Gotta Go / Man In The Fog / Farther Along
Older Guys Cody, Cody / God's Own Singer / Down In The Churchyard / Wild Horses

IF YOU GOTTA GO / CODY, CODY (A & M 1166 (US) - 1970)
OLDER GUYS / DOWN IN THE CHURCHYARD (A & M 1189 (US) / A & M AMS 794 (UK) - 1970)

The Flying Burrito Brothers

back: Leadon / Clarke / Kleinow
sitting: Hillman / Parsons

Along with the Rolling Stones, The Flying Burrito Brothers played at the infamous Altamount Festival in December 1969, and the film of the concert "Gimme Shelter" includes a short clip of the band performing "Six Days On The Road".

Also around this period it is known that the band attempted an unreleased version of Gram's "$ 1000 Dollar Wedding" that the other members of the band hated. Gram eventually recorded it again for his solo "Grievous Angel" album,

So, in early 1970 with the band were still playing locally around L.A. and awaiting the release of the new album, they went back into the Sound Factory studios to record a cache of old country standards and some current material from the likes of John Fogerty , The Bee Gees & the Rolling Stones. However the consensus of opinion, notably Chris Hillman, is that these recordings were only loose demos and not recorded for release as an album and as such remained unreleased for a number of years before being made available in the wake of Gram's death.

Maybe at the same sessions The Flying Burrito Brothers recorded with Gene Clark on lead vocals "She darked the sun".
This track was released 2016 on the Sierra Records CD: "Gene Clark: The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982". Other tracks also with Burrito members:

Lost Studio Sessions GENE CLARK - The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982
- GENE CLARK: The Lost Sutdio Sessions (Sierra SACD 7001)

Flying Burrito Brother track:
She darked the sun - with Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke & Bernie Leadon.

Musicians on other tracks: Clarence White, Al Perkins, Herb Pedersen, Leon Russell, Byron Berline, Spooner Oldham, Chris Ethridge ...... .

Gram got more heavily involved in drugs and after recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident he returned to the band but with an very unprofessional and undisciplined attitude started missing rehearsals and shows, much to the chagrin of the remaining members. The A & M release of the "Burrito Deluxe" album in May 1970 and the need to promote the album failed to improve the situation so Gram was effectively sacked from the band in June. Sadly, "Burrito Deluxe" album was poorly received by the critics largely due to the lack of strong material and like the first album sold poorly.

In 2014 /15 a couple of live shows from 1969 that had circulated among collectors for many years were released on CD of European origin.

Palomino THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Live at the Palomino - June 8th 1969
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Live at the Palomino (Keyhole 9045 - 2015)

CD 1:
Sing Me Back Home / The Train Song / Dream Baby / She Once Lived Here / We Got To Get Ourselves Together
Long Black Limousine / The Dark End Of The Street / She Thinks I Still Care / Medley : Undo The Right & Somebody's Back In Town
Lucile / I Threw Away The Rose / You Win Again

CD 2:
Buckaroo / Sweet Mental Revenge / Life In Prison / Medley : Hungry Eyes & High On A Hilltop / Sing Me Back Home
Hot Burritos # 1 / Hot Burrito # 2 / The Train Song / Everybody Loves A Winner

Note: Clarence White & Jimmy Morris guest on some tracks!

Seattle THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Seattle Pop Festival - June 27th 1969
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Seattle Pop Festival (Keyhole 9046 - 2015)

Close Up The Honky Tonks / The Dark End Of The Street / Sweet Mental Revenge / The Image Of Me / Devil In Disguise
Sin City / Out Of Control / Wake Up Little Susie / You Win Again / We Got To Get Ourselves Together / She Thinks I Still Care
Dream Baby / Lucille / Take A Message To Mary / The Train Song

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Leadon / Hillman / Clarke / Kleinow


June 1970 - September 1970

Band Members

Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon (& Gene Clark)

The band continued promotion of "Burrito Deluxe" as a four piece although at some stage it looked a possibility that another ex Byrd, Gene Clark, might replace Gram. Gene had also signed to the A & M label in 1969 initially with Doug Dillard as the "Dillard & Clark Expedition" but after leaving he remained with the label as a solo artist.
During the summer of 1970 Gene having sat in with the band for a number of shows recorded a version of his song "Tried So Hard" with the band, Gene singing the bass vocals, later to be released as a single. However the union was not to last and Gene returned to his solo career.

TRIED SO HARD (alt.take) / LAZY DAY (A & M 1254 (US) / A & M AMS 816 (UK) - 1970)
The single version of "Tried So Hard" was recorded with Gene Clark on bass vocals.

In July 1970 the band were part of a train full of now - legendary rock performers including Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin and others for a tour across Canada. During the tour the show at the Toronto Music Festival was filmed and many years later in 2003 a documentary about the show was released on a DVD titled "Festival Express" which included the FBB's performance of "Lazy Day" with Bernie Leadon on lead vocal. However, no other songs from the bands set surfaced until 2013 when a incomplete video of "Cody, Cody" appeared on youtube.

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Clarke / Kleinow / Leadon / Roberts / Hillman


September 1970 - April 1971

Band Members

Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bernie Leadon, Michael Clarke, Rick Roberts

The Flying Burrito Brothers

back: Roberts / Carke / Kleinow
Hillman - sitting: Leadon

In late summer a young singer - songwriter who had been trying to break into the recording business was recommended to the band's manager Eddie Tickner by Paul Rothschild, producer of the Doors, and so Rick Roberts enters the story joining the band on guitar and vocals.

Rick was a native from Florida who although at the time had only limited song-writing experience soon formed a short-lived but successful writing partnership with Chris Hillman as well as bringing some solo contributions to the band. Following Rick's introduction the band toured extensively, including Europe, with these newly written songs heavily featured so that when they came to start recording again they had plenty of strong and well rehearsed material to form the backbone of their third album for A & M. The live tapes in circulation from this period particularly those recorded for radio & TV in Holland in October 1970 show how the band had developed a much more disciplined and smoother sound losing the rougher edge of the Gram Parsons period. On some shows even Sneaky Pete in additon to playing an instrumental, usually "Beat The Heat" was allowed a lead vocal by singing "Willie & The Hand Jive".

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Clarke / Hillman / Roberts / Kleinow / Leadon

However, both sides of the next record release, a single, in December 1970, featured songs recorded prior to Rick joining the band with the "A" side being the version of "Tried So Hard'" with Gene Clark coupled with "Lazy Day" from the "Burrito Deluxe" album.

Over the winter 1970 - 71 with Jim Dickson again in the producer's chair the band recorded their third album in Sunset Sound Studios in LA with the majority of the songs coming from Chris Hillman & Rick Roberts although they do revisit the song catalogues of Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard with covers of "To Ramona" & "White Line Fever". The remainder of the album consists of four Hillman & Roberts collaborations "Hand To Mouth", "Just Can't Be", "Can't You Hear Me Calling" & "All Alone", a re-recording of Gene Clark's "Tried So Hard", and three solo offerings from Rick "Why Are You Crying", "Four Days Of Rain" and the classic "Colorado".
Several outtakes from these sessions saw the light of day many years later on various compilations of the bands material including the instrumental by Sneaky Pete Kleinow "Beat The Heat".

Gene Clark also re-enters the scene briefly during these recording sessions when the band provide the instrumental & vocal backing for Gene's song "Here Tonight" which remained unissued for a couple of years until featured on Gene's album "Roadmaster" first issued in Holland in 1973.

But before the album was released the band started going through a period of changes, Sneaky Pete had tired of the constant touring and decided that returning to being a session musician in L.A. was far more lucrative so he left in April 1971.

selftitled album THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - The Flying Burrito Brothers
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: The Flying Burrito Brothers
Original releases: A & M SD 4295 (US) / A & M AMLS 64295 (UK) / A & M 85559 (HOLLAND)
CD Reissues: A & M D32Y 3568 / POLYDOR POCM 2030 (JAPAN CD) / MOBILE FIDELITY MFCD772 (US CD )

Produced by Jim Dickson & Bob Hughes
Band: Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon
Guests: Earl Ball, Mike Deazy & Bob Gibson

White Line Fever / Colorado / Hand To Mouth / Tried So Hard Just Can't Be / To Ramona / Four Days Of Rain
Can't You Hear Me Calling / All Alone / Why Are You Crying

WHITE LINE FEVER / COLORADO (A & M 1277 (US) / A & M AMS 871 (UK) - 1971)

In February 2011 a live album titled "Authorised Bootleg" recorded at The Fillmore East, N.Y in November 1970.
The albumincludes "Willie And The Hand Jive" the first vocal outing in the band by Sneaky Pete.

Authorised Bootleg THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Authorised Bootleg
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Authorised Bootleg (Filmore East N.Y. November 7th 1970 Late Show) (Hip-O Select 1520702 (US))

Band: Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon

Lazy Day / Hundred Years From Now / My Uncle / Cody, Cody / Devil In Disguise / I Am A Pilgrim
Dixie Breakdown / Willie And The Hand Jive / Wild Horses / Feel Good Music / Hot Burrito # 2 / Six Days On The Road

In September 1970 both The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers were booked for a series of six shows over three nights at the "Whisky A Go-Go" in their home town of Los Angeles.
This run would also be Rick Roberts' debut with The Burritos, who were still yet to recognize the extent of his talent.
For the final show of the run, the FBBsbegan their set as usual, but after six songs, which includedan unreleased song "Trying To Reach My Goal" (previously a 1962 hit for Jamaican soul artist Alton Ellis) they invited The Byrds to join them on stage for an informal jam session and the rest of the nightfeatured both bands performingtogether.

In December 2011 "Wolfgang's Vault" made theshowavailable to purchase as a download in both mp3 & FLAC formats.

- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS & THE BYRDS: Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles - September 19th 1970 (Late Show) (Download the show at "Wolfgangs Vault"!)
The Flying Burrito Brothers: Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Rick Roberts
The Byrds: Roger McGuinn, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Skip Battin with Jimmi Seiter

Tracks: The Train Song (Incomplete) / Payday / Wake Up Little Susie / Colorado / Break My Mind / Trying To Reach My Goal
Roll Over Beethoven / You Don't Miss Your Water / Hickory Wind / So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
The Bells Of Rhymney / Close Up the Honky Tonks / Time Between / Mr Spaceman / Turn, Turn, Turn Mr Tambourine Man
Eight Miles High / Wasn't Born To Follow / Chimes Of Freedom / You Ain't Going Nowhere / Hold it


May 1971 - September 1971

Band Members

Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Bernie Leadon, Michael Clarke, Al Perkins, Byron Berline, Kenny Wertz

Following Sneaky's decision his replacement in May 1971 on Pedal Steel was the highly talented Al Perkins who had arrived in L.A. in late 1969 as a member of the Texas band "Shiloh", which also included future Eagle Don Henley, but after one unsuccessful self titled album release on the Amos label the band broke up.

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Wertz / Roberts / Hillman / Clarke / Perkins

Al Perkins was also a very good guitarist in addition to being an excellent Steel player, which brought an extra dimension to the band.

The third album simply titled "The Flying Burrito Brothers" was released by A & M in June 1971 and around this time they added former champion fiddler, Byron Berline to the line up. Byron had previously been a member of the "Dillard & Clark Expedition" and played on "Burrito Deluxe".
Unfortunately no sooner had Byron joined more changes were afoot, since Rick Roberts joined the band almost a year earlier Bernie had become very frustrated that his contribution to the band had reduced and his vocal abilities were being ignored, he was now reduced to singing the third part harmony to the lead vocals of Chris & Rick and had few opportunities to sing any lead vocals.

So in August 1971 Bernie left to become part of Linda Ronstadt's backing band joining Glen Frey, Randy Meisner and the aforementioned Don Henley, who all left Linda after about a year to form the highly successful Eagles.

With Al Perkins able to take lead guitar duties as well as Pedal Steel the replacement for Bernie was an old friend of Chris Hillman's, Kenny Wertz, who had played with Chris in the "Scottsville Squirrel Barkers" back in the early 1960's. Kenny, like Chris had a bluegrass background , and was a competent musician on both guitar & banjo and along with Byron and Chris on mandolin allowed the band to add a bluegrass element to the band's live shows.

The line-up Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke, Byron Berline, Rick Roberts, Al Perkins and Kenny Wertz performed "Six Days On The Road" at the "The David Frost Show" in 1971.

In 2012 a live album was releasedtitled 'Devils In Disguise - 1971 Live Broadcast' recorded on July 22nd 1971 at Sigma Studios in Phildelphia and originally broadcast on WMMR-FM, Philadelphia.

Devils in disguise THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Devils In Disguise - 1971 Live Broadcast
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Devils In Disguise - 1971 Live Broadcast (Smokin' SMCD 911 - Europe)

Band: Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon & Al Perkins

Six Days On The Road / One Hundred Years From Now / My Uncle / Four Days Of Rain / She made Me Lose My Blues
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown / Why Are You Crying / Dixie Breakdown / Can't You Hear Me Calling
White Line Fever / Colorado / Steel Guitar Rag / Devil In Disguise (Christine's Tune ) / Do Right Woman
The Dark End Of The Street / Tried So Hard / Hot Burrito # 2 / Wake Up Little Suzie


September 1971 - November 1971

Band Members

Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Michael Clarke, Al Perkins, Byron Berline, Kenny Wertz, Roger Bush, Alan Munde

The Flying Burrito Brothers 1971


In September 1971, Roger Bush (ex "Kentucky Colonels") joins on acoustic bass for the bluegrass segment of the show and to help promote the new album the LA based radio station "KMET-FM" broadcast a live session recorded at the Record Plant in Hollywood with the recently departed Bernie Leadon guesting on guitar & banjo show the band in great form. During the session folk legend Bob Gibson played four songs from his latest album backed up by the band several of whom actually appeared on Bob's album.

The KMET live broadcast from the Record Plant was eventually released on CD in 2015:

White line fever THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - White line Fever - Live at the Record Plant, 19th September 1971
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: White Line Fever (Shady Grove - 2015)

Steel Guitar Rag / Six Days On The Road / One Hundred Years From Now / My Uncle / White Line Fever / Instrumental
Why Are You Crying Orange Blossom Special / Devin In Diguise / Colorado / Funky In The Country **
About Time ** / Sam Stone ** / For Loving Me ** / Four Days Of Rain / Hot Burrito # 2 / Steel Guitar Rag

** feat. Bob Gibson

The sales of the Flying Burrito Brothers album were just as disappointing as their earlier efforts only making # 176 on the album charts. There is no doubt that the overall sound of the album was the role model for the Eagles first recordings a year or so later so yet again the band were just ahead of the time and missed out on great success. Live recordings in circulation only add weight to how good this band was, with Al Perkins slide guitar giving the band a more rock feel counterbalanced by the bluegrass segments of Byron, Kenny & Roger. A couple of months later in November Alan Munde joins to play banjo giving the band a self - contained bluegrass unit.

A Burrito show was now divided into the electric country - rock segment and an acoustic bluegrass set with Byron, Kenny, Alan, Roger and Chris helping out on mandolin. The bluegrass musicians, without Chris, develop their own set eventually recording in their own right as "Country Gazette".
During this short period of the band the shows at Union College in New York, Dartmouth & Andover were recorded for a live album "Last Of The Red Hot Burritos" released in February 1972 (after Chris, Michael & Al had left the band). In these final days of the band Gram Parsons sat in with the band for occasional shows.

Last Of The Red Hot Burritos THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Last Of The Red Hot Burritos
Original releases: A & M SD 4343 (US) / A & M AMLS 64343 (UK) / A & M 88143 ( HOLLAND)
CD Reissues: A & M CD 4343 (US CD) / REBOUND 520239 (US CD) 1996 /
A & M D32Y 3586 (JAPAN CD) / POLYDOR POCM 2031 (JAPAN CD) /
RSQ 4561 (AUSTRALIA) 2008: CD reissue of the album + 3 bonus live tracks - "Money Honey", "Wake Up Little Susie"
& "One Hundred Years From Now", all previously released and recorded at the same venues as the original album

Produced by Jim Dickson
Band: Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Michael Clarke, Al Perkins, Kenny Wertz, Byron Berline & Roger Bush

Devil In Disguise / Six Days On The Road / My Uncle / Dixie Breakdown / Don't Let Your Deal Go Down / Orange Blossom Special
Ain't That A Lot Of Love / High Fashion Queen / Don't Fight It / Hot Burrito # 2 / Losing Game

Chris Hillman had become disillusioned and had decided that the band had run it's course and along with Al Perkins accepted an offer from Stephen Stills to join a new group he was putting together called "Manassas", so both left in late 1971 to start recording with Manassas in Florida in early 1972. Rick Roberts although not a member of Manassas also participated in the recording sessions but was not credited on the band's initial album release.
Michael Clarke also left at this time and moved to Hawaii to paint.
It is no coincidence that when the double album set by Manassas was released later in 1972 it contained Burrito Bluegrass / Country influences mixed with Stills love of Blues & Cuban music.

Over the years several compilation albums / CD's have been released by A & M covering this period including "Close Up the Honky Tonks" & "Honky Tonk Heaven" both of which are discussed later.

The 1989 release "Farther Along - The Best Of The Flying Burrito Brothers" is of interest containing as it it does an alternate version of "Sing Me Back Home" and an uncompleted take of Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" with Gram Parsons on vocals.
A further release in 1996 titled "Out Of The Blue" in addition to containing a number of songs appearing on the CD format for the first time included an unreleased live version of Gram Parson's "One Hundred Years From Now" sung by Rick Roberts.
And in 2000 a double CD was issued titled "Hot Burritos - The Anthology of the FBB 1968 - 72" containing the first three complete albums, the non album single "Train Song" seven of the 1970 demos, a couple of the live songs from their final A & M release "The Last Of The Red Hot Burritos" and lastly the collaboration with Gene Clark "Here Tonight". Overall an excellent compilation with the third album being made easily available on CD for the first time but the lack of anything new is a disappointment to collectors.
2001 saw the release of a couple more compilations "The Millennium Collection" & "Sin City - The Best Of The Flying Burrito Brothers" but neither release contained anything new. A further budget release "The Collection" appeared in 2005 but apart from a couple of tracks new to the CD format it was all previously released material.
In August 2009 Universal International in Japan reissued five Flying Burrito Brothers albums of A & M recordings all containing bonus tracks although none were previously unreleased, however a few tracks were appearing on CD for the first ever time.
Album / Bonus track details as follows:
BURRITO DELUXE (UNIVERSAL - UICY 94244): Sing Me Back Home / I Shall Be Released
THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS (UNIVERSAL - UICY 94245): Tried So Hard (Single mix) / Here Tonight / Payday / In My Own Small Way / Feel Good Music / Beat The Heat / Did You See / Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
THE LAST OF THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS (UNIVERSAL - UICY 94246): Wake Up Little Susie / One Hundred Years From Now / Money Honey / Roll Over Beethoven
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (UNIVERSAL - UICY 94247): Six Days On The Road / Just Because / Lodi / Bony Moronie / To Love Somebody / Break My Mind

Both albums on 1 CD

Both albums on one CD with the added bonus tracks of "Here Tonight" & "Tried So Hard" (Single version - first time on CD).

- HONKY TONK HEAVEN (2LP) (A & M 87575 (HOLLAND) 1973)
All previously unreleased A & M recordings.
A Gene Clark recording "Here Tonight" backed by the FBB and is also available on several FBB & Gene Clark solo releases

- CLOSE UP THE HONKY TONKS (2LP) (A & M SD 3631 (US) / A & M AMLH 63631 (UK) 1974)
Compilation of tracks from the band's first two A & M albums and material previously unreleased in either the UK or US (but released in Holland on "Honky Tonk Heaven" in 1973). The 3 live tracks were exclusive to this release until 1995 when "Money Honey" & "Wake Up Little Susie" were included on the "Out Of The Blue" 2 CD set. "Roll Over Beethoven" has not been re-issued since this 1974 release. Released in Australia as "Country Rock"

- POP CHRONIK(2LP) (A & M 89136 (GERMANY) 1975)

- HOT BURRITO (A & M SP 8070 (US) / ARIOLA 85272 (HOLLAND) / A & M 394343 (HOLLAND - CD REISSUE)
Note: The US LP only came out as a promo and was never commercially released (with different tracks and running orders!)

All previously released

- SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (A & M SP 4578 (US) / AMLH 64578 (UK) 1976 / A & M CD 4578 (US CD RELEASE)
A & M 303190 (UK CD RELEASE) / A & M D32Y 3567 (JAPAN - CD))
Contains previously available A & M material with 3 solo Gram Parsons outtakes "Brand New Heartache", "Sleepless Nights" & " The Angels Rejoiced Last Night"

Compilation of A & M material with some of the songs released in the UK for the first time

- FARTHER ALONG (A & M CD 5216 (US) 1988 / A & M D32Y 3298 (JAPAN CD)
All previously released tracks except for an alternate take of "Sing Me Back Home" & an incomplete version of "I Shall Be Released" making it's first appearance on this CD

- OUT OF THE BLUE (2 CD) (A & M AA 694906102 (US/ UK) 1996)
All previously released except for the live version of '"100 Years From Now"

- HOT BURRITOS - THE ANTHOLOGY 1968 - 1972 (2 CD) (A & M 54074 (UK) 2000)
The first three complete albums and various live & studio outtakes all previously released

All previously released

All previously released

UK budget compilation

The first two complete albums + "The Train Song", "Six Days On The Road"& "Close Up The Honky Tonks"

Other albums containing A & M period recordings:

- THE A & M BOOTLEG ALBUM (2LP) (A & M SP-8022 (US)
Contains Flying Burrito Brothers single "A" side "The Train Song"

16 track Dutch compilation also features The Byrds, Rick Roberts, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete, Dillard & Clark and others

- GRASS ROOTS (A & M AMLB 51038 (UK)
One side each to the Flying Burrito Brothers (B side) and Dillard & Clark (A side)

Contains one previously unreleased live instrumental "Steel Guitar Rag" recorded in 1971

A career compilation

A 2 CD career retrospective of Gram Parsons

A compilation of Rick Roberts solo A & M recordings containing the FBB recording of "Colorado"

Video / DVD:

A various artists video containing the promo film for "Older Guys" single released in 1970

- FESTIVAL EXPRESS (WARNER HOME VIDEO 7573 (US Region 1) 2004 / OPTIMUM STUDIO OPTD0177 (Europe Region 2) 2005)
A various artists DVD filmed at the Toronto Music Festival in 1970, contains the four man (Hillman, Leadon, Kleinow, Clarke) line up performing "Lazy Day" sung by Bernie Leadon.
The region 2 release contains bonus material but nothing extra from the Burritos.

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