The Dillards: Tribute to the American duck

American duck

This is The Dillards: Tribute to the American duck album

Produced by Rodney Dillard

Rodney Dillard: guitar, dobro, vocals
Billy Ray Lathum: banjo, guitar, dobro
Paul York: drums, percussion
Mitch Jayne: bass, vocals
Dean Webb: mandolin, vocals

Guest artists:
John Raines: drums, percussion
Colin Cameron: bass
Gary Itry: bass
Irv Dugan: guitar
John Hartford: fiddle
Buck Graves: dobro
Don Gallese: percussion
Andrew Belling: keyboards
Linda Dillard: vocals

Side one:
Music is music (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
Caney creek (J. Alexander)
Dooley (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
Love has gone away (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
You've gotta be strong (L. Lamirand)

Side two:
Carry me off (Rondey Dillard/Linda Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
Smile for me (Gary Itri)
Hot rod banjo (B. Clifford/J.H. Burnett/P. Potash)
Daddy was a mover (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
What's time to a hog? (Dean Webb/Mitch Jayne)

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