Burrito Brothers: Double barrel

Double barrel

This is the Burrito Brothers: Double barrel album

Produced by John Beland & Gib Guilbeau

Gib Guilbeau: vocals and fiddle
John Beland: guitars and vocals

Guest artists:
David Hungate: bass
Roger Hawkins: drums
Ferrill Morris: percussion
Larry Sasser: steel guitar
The Jordanaires: background vocals (on "New shade of blue")

Track list:
She's single again (Guilbeau/Barnes)
New shade of blue (Beland/Guilbeau)
Price of love (Beland/Guilbeau)
Ain't love just like the rain (Guilbeau/Barnes)
One more time (Beland/Guilbeau)
Sailor (Guilbeau/Barnes)
No easy way out (Guilbeau/Guilbeau)
Tonight (Beland)
Hearts in my eyes (Beland/Guilbeau)
Ain't worth the powder (Guilbeau/Barnes)
Late in the night (Beland)
I'm confessing (Beland/Guilbeau)
Let your heart do the talking (Beland/Guilbeau)

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