The Dillards: Decade waltz

Decade waltz

This is The Dillards: Decade waltz album

Produced by Rodney Dillard and Herb Pedersen

Rodney Dillard: guitar, dobro, vocals
Dean Webb: mandolin, vocals
Paul York: drums, percussion
Jeff Gilkinson: bass, banjo, cello, harmonica, vocals
Herb Pedersen: guitar, banjo, vocals
Douglas Bounsall: guitar, mandolin, fiddle, vocals

Guest artists:
Emory Gordy, Jr.: bass
Ray Park: fiddle
Glen D. Hardin: piano
Chuck Fiore
Mark Sorger

Side one:
The ten years waltz (Douglas Bounsal)
Greenback dollar (Rodney Dillard/Homer Dillard/Paul York)
Easy ride (Herb Pedersen)
Headed for the country (Larry Murray)
Gruelin' banjo (Jeff Gilkinson)
Turn it around (Jerry Reed)

Side two:
10 years waltz (Douglas Bounsal)
Hymn to the road (Jeff Gilkinson)
Lights of Magdella (Larry Murray)
Happy I'll be (Ray Park)
Mason Dixon (Jeff Gilkinson)
We can work it out (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

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