Rusty Dean: A country bouquet of hits

Bouquet of hits

This is the Rusty Dean: A country bouquet of hits album

Gary Paxton
Gib Guilbeau
Gene Parsons
Clarence White
Wayne Moore
and more

Side one:
Rovin' gambler - unknown vocalist (Jefe)
It's all over but the cryin' - unknown vocalist (Hank Williams, Jr.)
Nashville bum - unknown vocalist (Jefe)
Working girl - unknown vocalist (Chip Taylor)
Your gentle way of loving me - Gib Guilbeau (Gib Guilbeau)

Side two:
The race is on - unknown vocalist (Hallins)
Uncommited man - Gary Paxton (Gary Paxton/K. Johnson)
Tennessee flat top box - unknown vocalist (Johnny Cash)
Ashes of love - unknown vocalist (Jim Anglin/Jack Anglin)
Sinner beware - Gary Paxton (J. Wattenberger)

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