Back Pocket: Buzzard Bait

Back Poket

This is the Back Pocket: Buzzard Bait album.

Produced by Pat Robinson & Pat Maroshek (Back Pocket).

Pat Robinson: acoustic &: electric guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, jaw harp, percussions, vocals
Pat Maroshek: drums, percussions, vocals
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle
Andy Way: bass
Johnny Hunt: bass
John Beland: electric guitar
Mike Katon: electric guitar
Larry McNeely: banjo, harp
Thad Maxwell: steel guitar
Dick McIlvery: steel guitar
Alan Lindgren: keyboards

Side one:

Come on in (Pat Robinson)
2 plus 2 (Pat Robinson)
Ride on a river (Pat Robinson)
Love is like a harbor (Pat Robinson)
This song of mine (Pat Robinson)

Side two:

Lonely railraod ties (Pat Robinson)
Country love song (Pat Robinson)
Sayin' what we're doin' (Pat Robinson)
Angel wings (Pat Robinson)
Low bridge (Pat Robinson)

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