Flying Burrito Brothers: Airborne

Airborne front

This is the Flying Burrito Brothers: Airborne album

Produced by John Fischbach and the Flying Burrito Brothers

Gib Guilbeau: guitars, mandolin, fiddle and vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel
Gene Parsons: drums, guitars, banjo, harmonica and vocals
Joel Scott Hill: guitars and vocals
Skip Battin: guitars, bass and vocals

Guest artists:
Stevie Wonder: piano on "She's a sailor"
Vambo: piano
Jimmi Seiter: percussions
Luis Cabaza: piano
Jamie Faunt: bass
Warren "Bugs" Pemberton: drums

Side one:
Out of control (Guilbeau/Parsons)
Waitin' for love to begin (Kleinow/Guilbeau)
Toe tappin' music (Guilbeau)
Quiet man (J. Prine)
Northbound bus (N. Barclay)
Big bayou (Gib Guilbeau)

Side two:
Walk on the water (Guilbeau/J. Hill)
Linda Lu (R. Sharpe)
Border town (J. Hill/M. Lawson)
She's a sailor (S. Wonder)
Jesus broke the wild horse (S. Glick/D. Krause)

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