Arlo Guthrie: Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys

Arlo Guthrie

This is the Arlo Guthrie: Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys album.

Produced by John Pilla and Lenny Waronker.

Arlo Guthrie: guitar, piano
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle
Doug Dillard: banjo
Clarence White: electric guitar
Gene Parsons: drums
Thad Maxwell: bass
Kevin Burk: fiddle
Jim Keltner: drums
Jerry Wiggins: drums
Richard Hayward: drums
Bob Glaub: bass
Doyle Singer: bass, mandolin
Lee Sklar: bass
Chuck Rainey: bass
Jesse Ed Davis: electric guitar
Don Rich: guita, fiddle
John Pilla: rhythm guitar, bass
Buddy Alan: rhythm guitar
Bob Morris: rhythm guitar
Ry Cooder: acoustic & electric bottleneck guitar, acoustic & electric guitar
Grady Martin: acoustic lead guitar
Jim Gordon: piano
Jim Shaw: piano, organ
Mike Utley: organ
Jerry Brightman: banjo, steel guitar
George Bohanon: horns
Dick Hyde: horns
Gene Goe: horns
Nick DeCaro: accordion
Don Cristleib: bassoon
Buddy Collette: clarinet
William Green: oboe
Jessie Smith: background vocal
Clydie King: background vocal
Vannetta Fields: background vocal
Gene Merlino: background vocal
Thurle Ravenscroft: background vocal
Robert Tebow: background vocal
Bill Cole: background vocal

Track list:

Farrell O'Gara
Gypsy Davy
This Troubled Mind On Mine
Week On The Rag
Miss The Mississippi And You
Lovesick Blues
Uncle Jeff
Gates Of Eden
Last Train
Cowboy Sound
Sailor's Bonnett
Cooper's Lament
Ramblin' Round

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