Flying Burrito Brothers: Flying again

Flying again front

This is the Flying Burrito Brothers: Flying again album

Produced by Norbert Putnam and Glen Spreen

Gib Guilbeau: guitar, fiddle
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel
Gene Parsons: drums, tambourine, guitar, harmonica
Joel Scott Hill: guitar
Chris Ethridge: bass

Guest artist:
Spooner Oldham: piano and organ

Side one:
Easy get on (Bob Brown/Joel Scott Hill)
Wind and rain (Gene Parsons/Gib Guilbeau)
Why baby why (George Jones)
Dim lights, thick smoke (J. Maphis/M. Hidler/R. Lee)
You left the water running (Dan Penn/O. Franks/R. Hall)

Side two:
Building fires (Dan Penn/J. Christopher/J. Dickinson)
Desert childhood (Gene Parsons)
Bon soir blues (Gib Guilbeau/Thad Maxwell)
River road (Gib Guilbeau)
Hot Burrito #3 (Ethridge/Guilbeau/Hill/Kleinow/Parsons)

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